Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WELCOME TO GlobalWaveGold

Start your investment as low as USD 50 and get 10% up to 15% returns per month

                     GLOBALWAVEGOLD.COM                      Wave is a website owned by Global Gold Corporation . This is the first website that are open to the public service by
 Wave Global Gold Corporation ( GWG ) is a leading FOREX brokerage & precious metals that were previously only accept clients who have funds for the trading capital of at least $ 5,000,000 . Beginning in June 2012 , GWG start with new market segments ( retail market) . GWG would like to offer trading and investment opportunities to the public with a capital of at least $ 100 . GWG start with offering "Special Fund" which guaranteed a profit of 10-15 % every 25 days from the date of investment. Apart from the "Special Fund" , the GWG will also provide a platform for " retail " for customers who want to run their own trading in .
Global Wave Gold Corporation registered in Nevada as a FOREX brokerage companies , which have a license from the Nevada State Secretary .. This means that the Global Wave Gold Corporation is a company legally.


By investing in GWG, you will get 2 profit


1-ROI 10% Every 25 Days
2-Trading Forex ( 5-30% ), payout Monthly )

* 10-15% profit every 25 days
* Trading capital by 50% of the total investment. This capital can you play in the money market to generate more profits. 
Benefits offered by the GWG was very interesting. Imagine, with just an investment of USD10K you can turn a profit USD1000 ~ USD1500 per 25 days. If you can carry on trading, you will be able to increase 20% - 50%.


1- Sponsor Bonus
(10% Of Downline Investment)
2-Pairing Bonus ( 10% , Payment Monthly )
3-Overiding (1% , Payment Monthly )
4-Pension (Stage 1-USD1000, Stage 2-USD2000, Stage 3-USD3000 = 
amount of USD9000 if eligible for the three stages )
With Active Bonus You can turn a profit until USD100K a month even if you START with a capital of only USD 50.


You may find a lot of investment opportunities similar to the GWG. & Ask what the advantages of privilege @ GWG? I have no reason why I mimilih SURE GWG GWG as a more robust than other investment opportunities. GWG provides evidence that it is indeed a brokerage firm LEGAL (I'm not willing to risk my money melting). Here is the evidence that GWG is a strong investment opportunity:

Capital investment at GWG can not be withdrawn-If you calculate your investments profit in the first year, just 40% only. Because the GWG capital can not be withdrawn. This is an interface that makes sense. You really enjoy the benefits after you break even (after 8 months). Down to you invest in a business, definitely take the time to break even. So gains in GWG is realistic. I've seen a lot of other investment opportunities highly unrealistic profits that ultimately makes the investor as a sacrifice because enterprises are not able to pay.
* Using Metatrader 4 platform - use MetaTrader 4 platform is a proof that the Global Wave Gold Corporation is a legal entity. Global Wave Gold Corporation has a license from MetaQuotes (supplier MetaTrader 4) and the license is only granted after the agreement is signed (strong evidence Global Wave Gold Corporation is not a company that designs).

Evidence from - Another important evidence belonging to the GWG is from is a website that monitors website visitors from around the world. The data on shows official website GWG ( has ranked the world at 50,000 (can change). Web receive visits from several countries such as USA, India, Japan, South Korea, France, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries again. This proves the GWG has a lot of investors from many countries (more like a good investment opportunity). Very different from other similar investment website that only has ranked 200,000 - 1,000,000 and accessible only by investors from Malaysia and Indonesia (which may be a good investment opportunity only benefit the people of Asia and never visited those?)